Vintage Palladium Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

SKU: 100000291
US size 6.75. .50ct.

Antique Art Deco Era Platinum & Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring

SKU: 100000293
US size 6. 1.00ct. Ca. 1920's.

Vintage H. Stern (Brazil) 18k Gold Modernist Multi-Gemstone Ring

SKU: 100000298
US size 7.75.

Vintage 18k Etched White Gold & Cultured Pearl Ring

SKU: 100000302
.750 (Italian) 18k white gold. US size 7.25.

Antique Art Deco Era 14k White Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring

SKU: 100000325
US size 6.5 Contains two 1mm diamond and one 2mm diamond. 1.7 grams.

Vintage 14k Gold and Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

SKU: 100000326
US size 6.25. Diamond is a .23ct, H color, I1 (approximate) gem. 1.5 grams.

Antique Late Edwardian Era 14k Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring

SKU: 100000327
US size 9.25. contains one 2mm single cut diamond. 1.6 grams.

Vintage Art Deco 18k White Gold & Diamond Wedding Band

SKU: 100000331
US size 7. Contains five 1mm single cut diamonds. Patented 1922, engraved 1942. 1.7 grams.

Vintage 10k Rose & Yellow Gold Order of the Eastern Star Ring with Synthetic Aquamarines

SKU: 100000332
US size 5.25. Contains five 3mm synthetic stones & one 5mm synthetic stone. 4 grams.

Antique Art Deco Era 10k Gold Filigree & Silver Blister Pearl Ring

SKU: 100000349
US Size 8.5. Pearl measures 18mm x 9mm (approximately). 4.2 grams.

Art Deco Era Iridium Platinum & Diamond Wedding Band

SKU: 100000350
US Size 8.25. Contains 10 1mm diamonds (approximate). 2.1 grams.

Vintage Mid Century Corletto 18k Gold, Hand Painted Portrait & Diamond Statement Ring

SKU: 100000354
US Size 8. The face of the ring measures 1.25" x 1.1". Contains one 1mm diamond. 8.0 grams

Antique Art Deco Era 18k White Gold Filigree & Synthetic Sapphire Ring

SKU: 100000355
US Size 7. Made by Church & Co. of Newark, NJ. Stone measures 8mm x 6mm (approximate). 2.9 grams.

Antique 10k Gold & Dendritic Agate Ring

SKU: 100000356
US Size 6.75. Stone measures 15.5mm x 9mm (approximate). 2.7 grams

Antique Victorian Era 9ct (9k) Gold & Red Jasper Cabochon Ring

SKU: 100000357
US Size 7.5. Signed Haglund. Stone measures 19mm x 9mm (approximate). 4.6 grams.

Vintage 14k Gold & Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

SKU: 100000361
Mid Century. US Size 7. .42ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. Appraisal Included.

Vintage 10k Gold, White Gold, Enamel & Diamond 32nd Degree Freemason's Ring

SKU: 100000362
US Size 7.75. Contains one .70 Old European Cut Diamond. Appraisal Included.

Antique Art Deco Era 10k White Gold, Synthetic Amethyst & Diamond Statement Ring

SKU: 100000363
US Size 7.75. Center gem measures 13mm x 9.5mm (approximate). Contains four 2mm diamonds (approximate). 6.4 grams.

Vintage 10k Gold, White Opal & Blue Sapphire Thai Princess/Harem Style Ring

SKU: 100000367
US Size 9.5. Contains twelve 3mm (approximate) opals & seven 3mm-3.5mm sapphires (approximate). 4.8 grams.

Vintage 7k Gold & Ruby Thai Princess/Harem Style Ring

SKU: 100000368
US Size 4.75. Contains nineteen 2mm - 3.5mm rubies (approximate). 3.6 grams.

Antique Victorian Era 10k Gold, Opal & Seed Pearl Ring

SKU: 100000374
US Size 4.25. Contains six opals measuring from 1.5mm to 5.5mm (approximate). Contains nine 1mm to 2mm seed pearls (approximate). 2.2 grams.

Vintage Mid Century 14k White Gold & Wedgwood Jasperware Daisy Ring

SKU: 100000375
US Size 6.5. Jasperware center measures approximately 13mm. 2.7 grams.

Antique Art Deco Era 10k Gold, Black Onyx & Diamond Ring

SKU: 100000376
US Size 6.75. Onyx measures 13mm x 9mm. Diamond measures 1mm. Marked made by ESEMCO (Shiman Mfg. Co., Newark, NJ). 2.7 grams.

Vintage 10k Gold & Star Ruby Cabochon Ring

SKU: 100000377
US Size 4.5. Gem measures 4.5mm wide (approximate). 2.1 grams.