Nemati Jewelry

Nemati Jewelry is a New York-based manufacturer of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, serving retailers in the United States and Caribbean.

The company was originally founded in 1980 as a wholesaler of loose diamonds by Iradj Nemati, a Persian immigrant who fled Iran for the United States after the Revolution of 1979. An honest and hard-working businessman, Iradj established a successful diamond business that would supply local retailers in the Northeast.

Today, the company is operated by the entire Nemati family, and has grown to currently serve hundreds of independent retailers in over 25 states, as well as many Caribbean islands. Their product line has also evolved to include various types of precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, in addition to their long-standing line of diamond jewelry.

The company's focus today is to provide its customers with classic, elegant designs, competitive pricing, and most importantly, an unsurpassed level of service. Nemati Jewelry holds each and every one of its customers in the highest regard, and is committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships by providing the level of quality and reliable service that today's consumers expect.